Pyroland Weapons Case

Open Team Fortress 2 case "Pyroland Weapons Case" for 1.08

Pyroland Weapons Case


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Case items

Blue Mew SMG
Brain Candy Knife
Brain Candy Minigun
Brain Candy Pistol
Brain Candy Rocket Launcher
Stabbed to Hell Knife
Shot to Hell Pistol
Flower Power Medi Gun
Flower Power Revolver
Flower Power Scattergun
Flower Power Shotgun
Mister Cuddles Minigun
Blue Mew Scattergun
Blue Mew Knife
Blue Mew Pistol
Blue Mew Rocket Launcher
Torqued to Hell Wrench
Shot to Hell Scattergun
Sweet Dreams Grenade Launcher
Sweet Dreams Stickybomb Launcher
Balloonicorn Flame Thrower
Balloonicorn Sniper Rifle
Rainbow Grenade Launcher
Rainbow Sniper Rifle
Rainbow Flame Thrower