Predator Crate

Open Z1BR case "Predator Crate" for 0.12

Predator Crate

Mining case

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Case items

Heavy Assault Padded Gloves
Heavy Assault Polo Shirt
Sniper Boots
Sniper Camo Padded Pants
Sniper Farmer Jacket
Tech Athletic Boots
Tech Fingerless Gloves
Tech Shemagh
Heavy Assault Full Helmet
Heavy Assault Body Armor
Sniper Military Backpack
Tech Military Pants
Sniper Backwards Camo Cap
Heavy Assault Combat Boots
Heavy Assault Military Pants
Tech Henley Shirt
Tech Tactical Body Armor
Tech Tactical Helmet
Predator Sniper Rifle
Predator AR-15
Predator Riot Shotgun
Mask of the Jester
Abominable Mask
Brown Camo Ski Mask
Festive Hellfire 4-6