Payload Crate

Open Z1BR case "Payload Crate" for 0.12

Payload Crate

Mining case

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Case items

Ender Magnum
Wild Thing M9
Molten Body Armor
Molten Tactical Shirt
Mosaic M9
Distortion M9
Rasta Parachute
Brainstorm M9
Terminus Magnum
Toxic ATV
Burnout Pickup Truck
Aerial Graffiti Parachute
Blackened Chicken Ghillie Suit
Molten Tactical Backpack
Chaos Offroader
Golden Dragon Parachute
Dragon Lodge Hellfire 4-6
Party Camo AK-47
Rainbow Unicorn AR-15
Mask of the Harvester
Toxic AR-15
Cigar Hog Mask
Camouflage Backpack