Marauder Crate

Open Z1BR case "Marauder Crate" for 0.77

Marauder Crate


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Case items

Green Splatter Boots
Racing Jacket
Cheetah Camo Boots
Flame Cargo Pants
Red and Black Fingerless Gloves
Hunting Polo
Digital Camo Pants
Farmer's Jacket
Flower Print Pants
Camo Tactical Helmet
Rancho Taquito Doomed Jacket
Metal Full Face Respirator
All American Fingerless Gloves
Skull Full Face Respirator
Police Body Armor
Black Biker Shades
Blue Biker Shades
Blue Face Bandana
Camo Face Bandana
Evil Clown Face Bandana
Evil Clown Glasses
Green Biker Shades
Pink Biker Shades
Pink Face Bandana
Red Biker Shades
Red Face Bandana
Skull Face Bandana
All American Face Bandana
White Biker Shades