2017 Invitational Crate

Open Z1BR case "2017 Invitational Crate" for 0.25

2017 Invitational Crate


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Case items

Cizzorz Face Bandana
Crispy Concords Tactical Jacket
FemSteph Motorcycle Helmet
I AM WILDCAT Military Backpack
KYRSP33DY Jersey
MiniLadd Jersey
MoMaN Warmup Pants
NMP Body Armor
Stormen Face Bandana
Aydren Body Armor
ISCO Military Backpack
DrasseL Ski Mask
Gotaga Tanktop
NoahJ456 Tactical Helmet
Flamehopper Makeshift Armor
p90princess Makeshift Armor
illuos1ion Jersey
Pineaqples Jacket
YT2Tap Jersey
Imperial Riot Shotgun
Mask of the Monkey King
inboxes AR-15
Radek AR-15
Blue Camo Ski Mask