Серебряный кейс

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Серебряный кейс


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Вміст кейса

Auspicious Sharpshooter's Cloak
Inscribed Axe of the Chaos Chosen
Inscribed Sword of the Flameguard
Inscribed Cyril the Syrmeleon
Autographed Hairstyle of the Eastern Range
Autographed Bracers of the Ironbarde Charger
Drake Guard of the Frozen Apostle
Autographed Tear of Agony
Frozen Torment Unbound
Corrupted Umbra Rider Mount
Frozen Toxic Siege Armored Saddle
Heroic Bow of the Moon Rider
Inscribed The Feeder-Eater
Inscribed Pauldrons of the Timekeeper
Auspicious Mask of the Third Insight
Auspicious Flail of the Great Elder
Autographed Бравый Грявол
Bracers of Malice
Corrupted Book of the Vizier Exile
Corrupted Buttercup
Corrupted Bracers of the Survivor
Corrupted Skirt of the Fireflight Scion
Corrupted Dress of the Bewitching Flare
Corrupted Shield of the Tribunal
Darkbrew Enforcer
Epitaphic Bonds
Genuine Pin: Bristleback
Iceforged Spirit
Heroic Featherfall Bow
Inscribed Guard of the Wandering Flame
Inscribed Guards of the Burning Decree
Inscribed Sentinel of the Blackguard Magus
Inscribed Tail of the Partisan Guard
Autographed Blade of Tears
Genuine Lamb to the Slaughter
Bonkers the Mad
Severing Crest
Autographed Adoring Wingfall
Corrupted The Spoils of Dezun
Corrupted Axia of Metira
Primal Paean
Genuine Tolling Shadows
Exalted Bladeform Legacy
Inscribed Swine of the Sunken Galley
Inscribed Rune of the Duelist Indomitable
Corrupted Great Sage's Reckoning
Call of the Bladeform Legacy
Exalted Frost Avalanche
Tempest Helm of the Thundergod
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