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Open Dota 2 case "Random rare" for 0.51

Random rare


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Case items

Auspicious Heavy Barbed Back
Autographed Catastrophe
Autographed Starrider of the Crescent Steel Glaive
Autographed Summer's Charm
Corrupted Shoulders of the Eternal Seasons
Frozen Arcane Drapings
Frozen Frostiron Sorceress Brooch
Frozen Prestidigitator's Wraps
Helmet of the Vicious Plains
Inscribed Chronoptic Crown
Inscribed Edge of the Final Utterance
Inscribed Kraken's Bane
Auspicious Gwanji the Thunder Lizard
Autographed Djinn Slayer Armor
Autographed Fatal Blossom
Autographed The International 2016 HUD
Autographed Trophy of the Shadowcat
Axe of the Iron Hog
Blade of Chaos Incarnate
Corrupted Infernus
Corrupted Ruan of Blossoming Harmony
Corrupted Scythe of Ka
Corrupted Stone Bound Watcher
Crown of Omoz
Cursed Wings of the Inauspicious Abyss
Frozen Vestigial Wings of the Ancient Sovereign
Genuine Classic Pin: Pugna
Genuine Classic Pin: Sand King
Genuine Mane of the Sunwarrior
Genuine Shards of the Crystalline Comet
Genuine Shoulders of Quas Precor
Heroic Gallows Understudy Blade
Heroic Gallows Understudy Blade - Off-Hand
Heroic Grudge in the Mist
Heroic Perceptive Spiderling
Inscribed Antipode Couriers
Inscribed Barrel of Whale Ale
Inscribed Basket of the Foreteller's Oath
Inscribed Favors of the Shamanic Light
Inscribed Sword of the Sundered King