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Auspicious Mega-Kills: Lina
Corrupted Blood Chaser
Corrupted Loyal Slave of Cadenza Magic Master
Emeraldine Shield
Genuine BladeBiter
Guard of the First Hunt
Horns of the Daemon Prince
Inscribed Coco the Courageous
Inscribed Pauldrons of the Battlehawk
Inscribed Plate of the Giant Hunter
Belt of the Primeval Predator
Brush of the Spirethorn
Coco the Courageous
Compact of the Guardian Construct
Compendium Bone Crusher of the Trapper
Corrupted Belt of the King Restored
Corrupted Bow of the Howling Wind
Corrupted Great Helm of the Deep
Corrupted Mantle of the Enthaleen Dragon
Corrupted Robe of the Jiang Shi's Revenge
Corrupted Spaulders of the Psion Inquisitor
Corrupted Style of the Battleranger
Cursed Scythe of Twin Deaths
Darkfall Warden Quiver
Equine Emissary
Flames of the Fireflight Scion
Genuine Mechjaw the Boxhound
Genuine Timberthaw Ripsaw
Grips of Eternal Harvest
Grull the Grim Walker
Guards of the Wyrmforge Shard
Head of the Vespidun Hunter-Killer
Heroic Sigil Mask of the Bladekeeper
Inscribed Cap of the Smoldering Sage
Inscribed Cape of the Rowdy Firebrand
Inscribed Chirpy
Affront of the Overseer
Auspicious Oculus Ephemeral
Autographed Bracers of the Andestian Sentinel
Autographed Bracers of the Overseer
Autographed Coco the Courageous
Autographed Flightless Dod
Autographed Helm of the Elemental Imperator
Autographed Helm of the Warrior's Retribution
Autographed Naked Greevil
Autographed Necklaces of the Coastal Kingdom
Autographed Quiver of the Battleranger
Autographed Scythe of Pestilence
Back Buoy of the Shoreline Sapper