Random Immortal

Dota 2 davasını "Random Immortal" aç 11.48

Random Immortal


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Sandığın içindekileri

Adoring Wingfall
Alluvion Prophecy
Almond the Frondillo
Dragonclaw Hook
Alpine Stalker's Gloves
Alpine Stalker's Pants
Alpine Stalker's Scarf
Arms of Desolation
Astral Drift
Autographed Empyrean
Autographed Faceless Rex
Autographed Scavenging Guttleslug
Autographed Sea Rake's Bridle
Autographed Severing Lash
Autographed Shards of Exile
Bonkers of Awaleb
Bonkers the Mad
Bracers of Aeons
Bracers of Aeons of the Crimson Witness
Corrupted Smeevil's Penance
Corrupted Solar Forge
Corrupted Soul Diffuser
Inscribed Maraxiform's Ire
Inscribed Masque of Awaleb
Inscribed Rollermawster
Inscribed Scavenging Guttleslug
Inscribed Scree'auk's Talon
Inscribed Silent Wake
Inscribed Stumpy - Nature's Attendant
Inscribed Stuntwood Sanctuary
Inscribed Stuntwood Sanctuary of the Crimson Witness
Inscribed Venoling
Inscribed Vigil Triumph
Lucky Alpine Stalker's Hat
Lycosidae's Brood
Nothlic Burden
Primal Paean
Shards of Exile
Shearing Deposition
Slumbering Terror
Smeevil's Penance
Splattering Forcipule
Taunt: Foolish Gallantry
Taunt: Make It Rain
Taunt: Ogre Hop
Taunt: The Master Juggles
The Immortal Reliquary
The Lightning Orchid
Tolling Shadows
Tormented Staff
Trust of the Benefactor 2017
Trusty Mountain Yak
Unusual Drodo the Druffin
Unusual Fezzle-Feez the Magic Carpet Smeevil
Unusual Osky the Ottragon
World Chasm Artifact
Yulsaria's Glacier
Yulsaria's Mantle
Draining Wight
Inscribed Adoring Wingfall
Inscribed Alluvion Prophecy