Öffnen Sie einen Dota 2 Kiste "Bronze-case" für 0.45



Anzahl der Kisteöffnungen

Der Inhalt des Kistes

Armor of the Iron Clock Knight
Inscribed Bobusang's Merchandise
Inscribed Swell of the Roiling Surge
Corrupted Gauntlet of The Iron Drakken
Corrupted Stature of the Woodland Outcast
Cursed Castor's Spaulder
Cursed Ritual Skirt of the Father Spirits
Autographed Arc of Manta
Autographed Helm of Unfettered Malevolence
Bracers of the Guardian Construct
Cursed Stonehall Royal Guard Helmet
Inscribed Monty
Autographed Armor of the Manticore
Autographed Hermes the Hermit Crab
Autographed Quiver of the Burning Decree
Charm of the Summit's Roost
Inscribed Lyralei's Breeze
Autographed Dark Artistry Hair
Autographed Huntling
Corrupted World Chasm Artifact
Inscribed Empyrean
The Immortal Reliquary
Corrupted Demon Eater
Frost Avalanche Bundle
Corrupted Great Sage's Reckoning